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427 Concession St.; Hamilton, ON

What To Expect

Thai massage is a gentle and rhythmic active massage traditionally performed on a padded mat on the floor.  Allow us to guide you through a variety of stretches and yoga poses while applying rhythmic pressure to various points on your body.  Having your body stretched and properly positioned will open areas that are not typically accessible during more common massage therapies and will allow me to access and massage your body more deeply.  As a result, you can expect to enjoy enhanced energy flow and circulation and an overall sense of calm AND rejuvenation. You may also notice temporary relief from chronic pain,and with regular treatments you can expect to see improved flexibility and mobility and decreased susceptibility to injuries and strains.


Before Your Massage

Have a light meal no less than one hour before your appointment to ensure maximum comfort during your treatment.  Thai massage is performed completely clothed, so wear something comfortable that you can easily move in. If you have hair on your legs, we recommend you wear full length pants (track pants, yoga pants etc.)

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During Your Massage

As your body is being stretched and pressure applied, we'll check in to ensure the stretch and pressure is appropriate for you.  If at any time during your massage you experience any pain or discomfort, just notify us so we can adjust accordingly. Likewise, if you would like a deeper stretch or more pressure, let us know.  Remember, this is YOUR massage.

Yoga at Home

After Your Massage

Enjoy an activity that you love!!

  • Spend time with a loved one

  • Enjoy some time in nature

  • Have a soothing bath (we will provide you with a soak to take home)

  • Increase your fluid intake

  • You may experience some soreness, especially if you had a particularly deep massage – this is normal and nothing to be concerned about.