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427 Concession St.; Hamilton, ON

New Beginnings Thai Yoga Massage

A gentle and rhythmic active massage; traditionally performed on the floor.  You can expect to find yourself lying on a padded mat as I guide you through a variety of stretches and yoga poses while applying rhythmic pressure (without any oils or lotions) to various points on your body.   You will benefit with enhanced energy flow and improved circulation, which improves oxygen flow and the transfer of nutrients to your body.  You may also notice temporary relief from chronic pain, an overall sense of calm AND rejuvenation, and with regular treatments you can expect improved flexibility and mobility making you less susceptible to injuries.


Black Spa Stones
Meditation by the Sea

30 Minute Massage (head, hands, feet)


30 minutes to quickly and effectively calm and relax the most hurried of individuals

60 Minute Full Body Massage


Our most popular option, with regular treatments you will notice improved flexibility and mobility and decreased susceptibility to injuries and strains.

90 Minute Full Body Massage


A full body, head to toe, stretch and massage with extra time spent on the areas of your choice.  With regular treatments you can expect to see improved flexibility and mobility and decreased susceptibility to injuries and strains.

Customer Reviews

My name is Annette Noonan and I met Carlie last May/2018 after I had broke my foot.  Carlie was so kind to help me with my working out so that I would not hurt myself even more.  When she asked me to be one of her clients for the Thai Yoga Massage I was not sure what to expect as I had really not heard of it.   I said sure as I was interested in seeing what it involves.  I must say that since the first massage I had I was hooked.  By the time she was finished I felt so relaxed and had the best night's sleep I have had in a long time.  I have had many more since then and each time Carlie comments on how much more flexible I am now than when I started with her.  It's really good to have someone help you to stretch your muscles and ligaments, I would never had been able to do the things that Carlie does for me.  If you have a chance to get a Thai Yoga Massage done by Carlie you will not regret it.  She is a very talented lady and is very dedicated to her craft, she is always making sure that the person getting the massage is comfortable with everything that she does.  Can't wait to go see her new studio and get a nice massage right after work to get rid of the days' stress

Annette N

I loved all the stretching...Carla Weeks was very professional and I found her to be very soothing..her voice really relaxed me and I was totally comfortable...

Dollie T

Helps with mobility and flexibility issues. So relaxed by the end that the stress level on my fitness tracker was at a 1...I kid you not...ahhhhhh

Neil H

Wonderful relaxing experience, all my tension is gone!!

David W

Thank you Carlie. The massage last night was amazing. I can’t tell you when the last time was that I was that relaxed. You made all the aches and pains go away. I felt like a Golden Goddess by the end of the hour. So Amazing. You have mastered your art with style and elegance. All the best for you and your wonderful new business.

Deb V


Opening Hours

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Wednesdays: 5pm-9pm
Second Saturday of each month:  10am-2pm

**Hours can be flexible to suit most individuals needs.  If these hours don't work for you, contact me.

Carlie Weeks

427 Concession St.; Hamilton, ON